Financial and Transactional Services

We respond to the financial and financing related issues of small, medium and large enterprises that are growing or planning on growing.

How do we work?

Our financial and transactional advisory services have a broad spectrum, where we examine the possibilities of external fundraising and internal cost savings associated with investment and development ideas. We analyze various financing solutions available on the market – capital raising, credit, leasing financing, etc. – and available support as complex solutions together.

In the course of our activities, we conduct due diligence on the target company, evaluate its past performance, analyze its cost-revenue structure besides its cash flows and assess the risks, future prospects and opportunities of its operation. We define financing and valuation goals and financial strategic directions based on the needs of our Clients.


Capital-raising and financial advisory

We provide support to our Clients in raising capital and funds for their investment and development projects. As an independent consultancy, we outline, evaluate and recommend financing options and strategies tailored to our Clients’ ideas. We start and manage negotiations with capital partners, financial institutions, authorities and investors. We strive to meet the needs of our Clients through our constructive engagement during the meetings and negotiations.

For the financing requirements, we prepare the one-pager, the pitch presentation, the business and financial plans and models as required by the financiers as well as we manage the entire capital and fund raising process. We also provide assistance in reviewing and evaluating the possible structures, draft contracts and offers received. We support our Clients in implementing their projects and prepare periodic reports, templates and statements at the request of our Clients too.

Corporate valuation

We prepare objective and independent valuations for the purposes defined by our Clients, taking into account the specific characteristics of the company being analyzed and all the external factors that may affect the value. In addition to our financial expertise, we are able to conduct complex, reliable and legally accepted assessments with our tax and accounting skills and experience.

Valuation purposes may include:

  • Full or partial sale of companies, acquisition of companies
  • Sale of shares, transfer of assets or property
  • Spin-off, merger
  • Assessment of new market opportunities
  • Raising funds, debt
  • Capital raising, capital increase
  • Valuation at exit
  • Assessment of investments required for audit
  • Strategic valuation
  • Improvement of efficiency
  • Assessment of financial performance


Business planning, financial modelling

A flexible, customizable business and financial model tailor-made for the Client’s activities and needs provides basic data for strategic and investment decisions, fund raising and capital transactions as well as when submitting tenders or applying for state support.

Our financial modeling activities include preparation, review and modification of business and financial plans but also cash-flow, discounted cash-flow (DCF) and other valuation models. With scenario analysis, we can show decision alternatives and test macroeconomic and market scenarios.


Feasibility study and market research

The purpose of preparing and reviewing a feasibility study is to provide sound information about the viability of the planned project, whether to the project owner or to a potential financier or investor. It can provide appropriate guidance on the necessary strategic and operational changes. The aim of such study is to provide a realistic idea, but at the same time, the best solution to achieve the desired goal.

A study reviews not only organizational, business or operational issues and information on product and / or service market position, relationships, financial, accounting and tax related issues but also key details about reports, grants, investment data, contractual relationships, transfer pricing and risk information (guarantees, obligations, litigation, etc.).

Financial due-diligence


We conduct financial and tax due-diligence for corporate Clients and financing organizations for corporate sales, purchases, capital raising, bank financing and other transactions or simply to facilitate normal operation. We act as independent and objective experts in conducting due diligence for the identification of financial and tax risks in depth and scope required by the Client. We evaluate the financial, tax, operational, market and strategic situation as well in order to ensure a transparent image. The seller, the buyer and the financier can all be the customers of the due diligence service.

After exploring the risks, we formulate solutions and recommendations to our Clients and make a proposal for an optimal decision on economic and tax considerations.

Cash-flow and liquidity management

When conducting cash-flow and liquidity management services, we examine our Clients’ periodic financial statements, their current cash balances, the relative development of expenditures and revenues, and the future development of cash flows. We offer our clients suggestions for keeping the cash flows under constant control and for making optimal use of their unused funds. A great example would be the cash-pool solutions.

Research and development and innovation in the corporate sector is a highly supported area at both national and EU level with tax incentives being widely available. We provide strategic advice to our Clients’ R&D projects, conduct R&D certification and provide consultative support to our Clients’ intellectual property protection procedures.

We identify the eligible activities for the use of research and development supports, carry out complete planning and documentation, provide the official representation and project management throughout the development and support the implementation of research and development and innovation projects with professional control and R&D expert opinions.

State, EU and other support

In Hungary, various state and EU supports are available for domestic investments.
In order for the gained support to grow in the long run in the pre-determined rate taken on, its proper use is essential.

Our company provides consultancy services mainly for R&D projects, expansion of manufacturing activities, development of energetics, construction and agricultural investments throughout the lifetime of the projects from the complete financial accounting related to the implementation to all the administrative obligations of the maintenance period.

In addition to EU tenders, RC Consulting also supports its Customers in obtaining individual state supports (EKD, NBT), providing the following services:

  • Preparation and structuring of the project
  • Development of project finance
  • Preparation of application for support
  • Preparation of investment and financial plans
  • Full coordination of projects
  • Project and financial management
  • Participation and expert assistance during on-site inspections
  • Advising on concluding and modifying the support agreement
  • Preparation of financial reports
  • Preparation of project-progress reports
  • Contacting the agencies and authorities

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