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We provide assistance to domestic and international medium and large corporate Clients through the optimization of their tax obligations by eliminating tax risks and seeking new opportunities.

Our experts provide Clients with personalized advice in all tax categories.

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How do we work?

We answer tax related questions in the course of our tax advisory activity. We provide professional support to our Clients in designing and applying a personalized, optimal tax solution.

We create tax-efficient structures for projects. We present resolutions and conditional tax claims by the side of issuing comments, appeals and requests for supervisory measures. We conduct the entire communication process with the competent authority.


General Tax advisory

We provide advice on the following areas of taxest:

  • Corporate tax
  • Innovation contribution
  • Local taxes
  • Personal income tax
  • VAT
  • Sector specific taxes
  • Other direct and indirect taxes


Our services cover the following areas:

  • Tax strategy, tax planning
  • Investigation of tax procedure issues
  • Tax-focused review of projects, contracts and transactions
  • Determination of corporate size
  • Examination of aid accumulation and maximization
  • Group restructuring for tax optimization purposes
  • Tax advisory for corporate reorganization and outsourcing

Tax and Tax-base Benefits

SMEs and large corporations can both apply tax benefits and receive support within the tax system, achieving significant reduction in their tax payment obligations. We help our Clients to understand the opportunities and to maximize tax benefits. Besides the tax and tax-base benefits, read more on support and fundraising opportunities under the Financial and Transactional Services section.

Our Clients have widely applied the following tax-base benefits:

  • SME investment benefits
  • R&D discounts
  • Innovation contribution fund benefit regarding R&D
  • Discount on intangible assets and royalties
  • Discounts related to transformation and acquisitions
  • Employment-related benefits
  • Benefits of historic listed building renovation

 The most commonly used tax-benefits are as follows:

  • SME Investment Loan Discount
  • Development and R&D tax relief for investment, expansion and development purposes
  • Energy efficiency tax relief for investment and renovation
  • Benefits based on support of start-ups and sport, film or public benefit organizations

R&D and Energetics

R&D and Energy projects that qualify for tax and tax-base relief require official certification, which must be planned and documented before the beginning of the activity. Our company has been involved in R&D since 2012 and has provided consulting and representation for structuring and qualification of Energy projects since 2017.

We carry out a full range of planning, implementation and coordination activities, providing the following services:

  • Screening project ideas
  • Determining the range of eligible costs
  • Calculation of the aid intensity and net present value depending on the geographical location of the project
  • Examination of aid accumulation
  • Preparation of certifications and expert opinions
  • Coordination of other protection procedures
  • Application of tax-benefits and other government support opportunities for projects
  • Representation at authorities
  • Involvement of relevant experts if necessary

Transfer pricing

Our company has been engaged in transfer pricing services for transactions of affiliated companies since 2003 in the following areas:

  • Examination of affiliated companies and documentation obligations
  • Establishment of transfer-pricing strategy
    • Examination of the possibility of group corporation tax
    • Group-level tax optimization
    • Assessment and elimination of transfer-price related risk
    • Establishment of pricing scheme
    • Examination of contractual background, drafting of amendments
  • Complete or partial preparation, review and update of transfer pricing documentation
  • Transfer-price focused analysis of financing and cash-pool transactions
  • Preparation of main and local records
  • Benchmark analysis
  • Full implementation of tax administration procedures
    • Preparation of comments, appeals, records, and other related documents
    • Request for determination of normal market price

Employee Incentive Schemes

The opportunity for companies in cafeteria-based benefits has steadily declined, while retaining employees has become more prominent. This highlights the importance of incentive schemes based on employee ownership.

When developing employee incentive schemes, we assess the needs, goals, opportunities and frameworks of the company. We then make recommendations for risk management. We prepare a complex description, cost analysis and implementation plan for our Clients for the employee incentive system and, if necessary, provide assistance during the application and make a recommendation to find a suitable law firm for cooperation.

Benefits of employee incentive schemes:

  • Increased employee loyalty
  • Smoother recruitment and greater retention of key employees
  • Improved corporate performance and earnings
  • Favorable taxation for parties
  • Legally regulated options
  • Well-structured compensation

Tax-screening / Due diligence for tax purposes

We conduct financial and tax due diligence for our corporate Clients and financing organizations when acquiring or being taken-over or simply in order to ensure normal operation. We act as independent and objective experts in conducting due diligence for the identification of financial and tax risks in depth and scope required by the Client.
Due diligence is the most basic decision making tool for the buyer, seller and financing party likewise. After the identification of risk factors, we propose solutions and recommendations to our Clients.

Wealth planning for families

Maintaining, increasing, and passing on family wealth for the next generation requires tax, financial and legal planning in which we provide expert assistance. Due to the confidential nature of the task, besides the professional issues we also support the personal matters, where our Clients can count on our qualified mediators to provide a hand.

We advise our Clients on the development of customized company groups and wealth structures as well as asset-, real estate-, business-, company valuation-, fund raising and tax related financial matters.

Foreign income

Tax planning and advisory services for individuals where we help our Clients with the following activities:

  • Reclaiming withholding tax deducted abroad
  • Answering tax-related questions about income earned abroad
  • Responding to personal income tax, social security and related taxation issues of foreign citizens employed in Hungary and Hungarian citizens working abroad during their mission.

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